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It doesn’t matter if it’s a weekend in Maldives or a few weeks in Bali, your holiday is important and the last thing you want is to watch your holiday go down the drain because you didn’t take out travel insurance for your trip!

At Escape Travel Services, we have partnered with TBO Travel Insurance to provide you with a variety of different types travel insurance to suit all kinds of people. We want to send you on your holiday knowing that, despite what may happen, the cost of your holiday and unexpected costs along the way are covered! Airline lost your bag? Flight delayed? Received an unexpected medical bill? When you take out travel insurance with Escape Travel Services these are just a few things that you won’t need to worry about!

 We offer a range of customised travel insurance options catering to your individual requirements. You can choose the type, duration, additional covers, according to your requirements.

Many travellers think their credit card insurance will cover them. Think again. Our Holiday Insurance is comprehensive and will cover you in many unforeseen circumstances. The travel insurance on your credit card is likely to be very basic and you may be stuck with hefty hidden costs if you try to make a claim
Our TBO Travel Insurance policies are tailored to suit you as an individual, no matter who you are. Don’t risk the holiday you’ve been looking forward to. Insure your holiday with Escape Travel Services and TBO Travel Insurance! Contact our Escape Travel Services Travel Expert for your free, no-obligation travel insurance quote on your next getaway!

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